My mom was admitted to a nursing home in January. I contiuned to pay her bill up in to late February because nobody had informed me that I couldn't until then. So then to avoid using her money I transfered $ 500.00 to her account from mine and used that money to pay bills thinking that was ok cause it was my money not not hers. I didn't pay the bills from my account directly cause they were all in her name and had her account number. I soon learned I was not supposed be doing anything with her account at all, not even adding anything, so again I stopped. I'm bipolar and have extreme anxieties so often my memory is unclear and very often after talking to people on the phone, especially if scared, panicky or upset, I don't often remember word for word what has been told me. I explained this whole situation to the nursing home and the state but am still being charged with exploitation of my mom's funds. I've never broken the law in my life. I'm 63 years old and live on disablility and after bills are is paid only have 200.00 for groceries and necessities. I'm poor, period. Also panicky and upset cause I fear jail or prison when I thought what I was doing was the right thing and when I found otherwise I stopped. I don't know what to do. I cannot hire a lawyer and have no transportation to get around. Can't even take a bus for reasons of panicking when I do. I am completely alone, I have no friends or relatives to help me, except for a sister who lives three states away and is raising an autistic grandson. I have been through so much with the NH and the state I'm close to having a nervous breakdown if it doesn't stop. I never had any business dealing with the business affairs of my mom. I don't know if this was the right area to leave this post. I apologize if it isn't.

I'm positive this will get straightened out. "They" can't do anything to you, since you can provide the deposit (the bank has a record) of your money into your mother's account.

WHO is threatening you?

Go to the local Senior Center and ask for an elder law attorney referral. My mom got a retired lawyer that worked for donations.

No one can put you in jail or prison without proof of mal intent. Please don't worry.
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Hi Dennis, being charged and being convicted are 2 very different things. Relax and don't make yourself sick over this. You'll have a chance to fully explain what you did and why. I think Amhijoy is spot on, call legal aid. If you can't handle that right now and you need a lawyer the court will appoint one for you. You'll be ok, you surely aren't a criminal. Well not for this anyway.... LOL... SMILE

Joking 😉
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Don’t try, convict and incarcerate yourself before you’ve spoken to a lawyer. I don’t understand how you could be charged with exploitation of Mom’s funds if you were using your own money.

On Tuesday, look up the local area Agency on Aging for your city/county. Ask if they can refer you to someone at Legal Aid. You need to sort this out with an attorney.
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