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Advice, information and support for family caregivers who are providing long term care for their grandparent.

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  • 5 Dementia Tips from a Grandson

    Younger generations are surprisingly insightful when it comes to handling their elders’ dementia-related behaviors. See what techniques this teenager uses while visiting his grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

  • When Adult Grandchildren Become the Primary Caregiver

    It may surprise people to know that there are a significant number of young people who have become caregivers for their grandparents.Grandchildren caring for their grandparents come up against obstacles that are quite overwhelming for people so young.

  • Grandpa is Scary: How Kids Cope with Alzheimer's in Grandparents

    Having a grandparent with Alzheimer's can be scary and confusing for children. Here's how to help them understand a grandparent's behavior and personality changes associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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  • Involving the Grandkids in Caring for Elderly Parents

    One of the most remarkable and enduring human relationships in our society is between grandparents and their grandkids.Your children may be an important addition to your caregiving team.

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