Caregiving Basics: Articles, Tips and Advice

Key resources, information, answers and support for caregivers who are providing ongoing assistance to an aging or chronically ill loved one.

Whether caring for elderly parents, a chronically ill spouse or a terminally ill loved one, caregiving can be physically, emotionally, and financially challenging. With the goal of helping caregivers, AgingCare has compiled expert articles, practical tips and peer-to-peer advice from the experience of other caregivers. Find the information, tips and support you need to provide quality care.

Caregiving Articles

  • Elder Care Plan 101: Set Yourself Up for Success as a Caregiver

    Learn how to discuss long-term care planning, form an elder care team, create a printable daily care plan, and find the support you need to implement a successful caregiving strategy.

  • A Self-Help Approach to Coping with Caregiver Stress

    It’s easy to get caught up in caregiving and let your own needs take a backseat, but your physical and mental health directly affect the quality of care you provide. Put yourself first by learning how to prioritize self-care and prevent caregiver burnout.

  • New Caregivers: Tips on Caring for Elderly Parents

    Whether caregiving has slowly crept into your daily life or you’re suddenly facing difficult decisions following a serious health scare, use these pointers as a guide for caring for an elderly parent.

  • 8 Government Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About

    Federal, state and local governments offer many services and benefits for seniors and their caregivers, but few people know these resources exist or how to access them. This is your go-to guide for elderly assistance programs.

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