Caregiver Burnout

Physical or mental collapse due to overwork and/or stress.

Burnout Articles

  • How to Identify and Minimize Caregiver Burden

    As a caregiver, do you know how stressed out you truly are? Answer a few questions to determine your level of caregiver burnout and see what resources can help reduce the strain of caring for an aging loved one.

  • Compassion Fatigue: When Caregivers Go Beyond Burnout

    Although caregivers are often cautioned against the dangers of burnout, there is an even more serious phenomenon called compassion fatigue that can be detrimental to both care providers and recipients.

  • The Sneaky Side of Caregiver Burnout

    Caregiver burnout doesn't happen all at once—it often sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Learning how to recognize the signs of increasing stress can help you act quickly to keep from becoming completely overwhelmed.

  • Caregiver "Fix It" Mentality Leads to Caregiver Burnout

    When caregivers get into a downward spiral of trying to fix everything that is wrong with their elderly parent it leads to a frustrated and exhausted caregiver. That’s when caregiver burnout happens.

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