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Physical or mental collapse due to overwork and/or stress.
  • Do you know how stressed out you truly are? Answer a few questions to determine your level of caregiver burnout and see what resources can help reduce your strain.
  • Many caregivers experience "caregiver burnout" after a period of caring for an elderly loved one. Learn to recognize, avoid, and prevent caregiver burnout by remembering to make yourself a priority.
  • The time-consuming, stressful nature of caring for an elderly loved one can sometimes become too much. Here are a few of the common signs of caregiver burnout.
  • One of the best forms of "help" a caregiver can ask for is basic moral support. Knowing that someone acknowledges and understands their hard work can be the difference between success and total burnout. A social network is a must for family caregivers.
  • Although caregivers are often cautioned against the dangers of burnout, there is an even more serious phenomenon called compassion fatigue that can be detrimental to both care providers and recipients.
  • In order to be successful, every caregiver needs a care plan and a team to help them execute it. A well-rounded roster of friends, family and professionals can help you provide quality care and prevent burnout.
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