Caregiver Sacrifice

The act of giving up something of value in order to help another person.

Sacrifice Articles

  • Not Everyone Is Cut Out to Be a Caregiver

    The decision of whether to become a caregiver for an ill loved one is difficult to say the least. It’s important to understand that even those who want to help may not have the resources, abilities or desire needed to take on daily hands-on care.

  • The Financial Costs of Caregiving

    Caregivers should think twice before quitting a job. When caregivers cut their hours or quit their jobs to take care of elderly parents, their own pension benefits, Social Security contributions and retirement savings are impacted.

  • Five Questions Family Caregivers Should Ask Themselves

    Is caring for aging parents the right fit for you? How do you know if you can handle the responsibilities and time commitments of caregiving while keeping your own sanity and protecting your other relationships?

  • The Sacrifices of Caregiving

    Becoming a caregiver causes a major life shift. Many caregivers not only struggle with tough care decisions, but they also grapple with how to handle resentment over being stuck in a situation that seems to leave them few choices.

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