Caregiver Respite

A short period of rest or relief.

Respite Articles

  • A Caregiver’s Tips: Taking a Vacation When Your Loved One Has Dementia

    Caregivers need respite, but as our departure date got closer, I became increasingly worried about spending the time away from Mum. Based on the success of our experience, I came up with five tips for dementia caregivers who are planning a holiday.

  • Respite Care Helps Caregivers Take a Break

    Take a closer look at how in-home care or a short-term stay at a senior living facility can give you the peace of mind you need to recharge, avoid caregiver burnout and enjoy your time away.

  • Adult Day Care Can Fill a Gap for Seniors and Their Caregivers

    The benefits of adult day care services are twofold. Your aging parent can enjoy social opportunities, activities and added safety, while you are free to work, run errands, attend appointments or savor some respite time.

  • Where to Find Respite: Resources for Caregivers

    Self-care is equally as important as the care you provide for your elderly loved one. If you’re struggling to balance these two priorities, it is time to modify your care plan and explore respite care services that can help minimize caregiver stress.

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