Violent Behaviors in the Elderly

Aggressive behavior that is intended to causes physical or emotional harm to another person.

Violent Behavior Articles

  • Elderly Temper Tantrums: What's Behind the Outburst?

    We tend to think of temper tantrums as only pertaining to small children or teens, but even the elderly act out at times. Learn what's behind these angry outbursts and how to best handle them without losing your own temper.

  • Seniors Behaving Badly in Long-Term Care Facilities

    It’s impossible to anticipate how a senior may interact with other residents and staff in settings like assisted living facilities and nursing homes, but staff should be prepared to handle difficult interpersonal issues and defuse tensions.

  • UTIs Cause Unusual Behavioral Symptoms in Elders

    Seniors with urinary tract infections usually don't exhibit the textbook symptoms that younger people do. Instead, confusion and sudden changes in behavior can be the tell-tale signs of a UTI.

  • How to Handle Alzheimer's Outbursts

    One of the biggest challenges for people who are taking care of a spouse or elderly parent with dementia is dealing with outbursts of agitation and aggression. Understanding how and why these fits occur can help you diffuse them.

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