Signs of Dementia

Changes in thinking and memory that indicate the onset of dementia.

Signs of Dementia Articles

  • Should You Be Tested for Dementia?

    Not all cognitive decline indicates dementia or Alzheimer's. Some cognitive changes are due to conditions or diseases that are treatable or even reversible. It’s important to get tested and find out a diagnosis-whether you want to or not.

  • 10 Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

    How do you know if an aging loved one is showing typical age-related changes vs. showing early signs and symptoms of dementia? Dementia warning signs vary, but memory loss, behavior changes, and increased confusion are common indicators.

  • How to Know if Your Parent Has Dementia

    Occasional forgetfulness can be blamed on advancing age, but a pattern of memory loss or unusual changes in behavior should prompt concerns about an elderly parent’s cognitive function.

  • Caregiver Concern: I'm Forgetting and Misplacing Things

    We all lose our keys or glasses sometimes, but what if they start turning up in unusual places? For caregivers who are familiar with dementia, blips like this are troubling. Is misplacing things a sign of cognitive decline, or is it chronic stress?

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