Early Onset Alzheimer's

A form of dementia that develops symptoms before the age of 65. In some cases, early-onset Alzheimer's disease has a genetic component and is related to a genetic mutation directly contributing to the disease, known as Familial Alzheimer's disease.

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  • Relationships are often strained when a serious illness and caregiving enter the picture. If your interactions with family members are increasingly stressful and negative, it may be time to stand up for yourself and set some boundaries.

  • We tend to worry about the future way too much, especially when dementia enters the picture. But we have to start focusing on the present if we want to learn how to cope.

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  • Whenever I do something dumb, it's easy to blame it on my Alzheimer's disease.

  • Men and women in the early stages of Alzheimer's occupy an odd limbo when they encounter medical professionals who don't know how to treat a person who has mild cognitive impairment.

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