Memory Loss and Older Adults

Confusion or inability to recall short or long term memories. Often a symptom of a more serious medical condition.

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  • Ever have trouble recalling a word or a name? The question is: when is memory loss part of the normal aging process, and when is it a sign of a more progressive problem?

  • To understand why patients with Alzheimer's disease lose their memory, it's helpful to know how the brain creates memories.

  • One sign of the aging brain is repeating things more often. While there is no quick fix for this trying symptom, a change in attitude and some proven strategies can help you keep your cool and preserve your loved one’s dignity.

  • The signs and symptoms of dementia vary, but memory loss, behavior change, and increased confusion are common indicators of increasing cognitive difficulties. Look for these red flags to determine if a loved one should seek a comprehensive medical exam.

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