Thanks for the response about granddaughter visiting from Israel. She is actually coming alone for the visit but wants to stay for the night. Hopefully they won't get insulted when I ask her to test herself for covid before she comes. No my husband and I never got covid and don't care to get it. His daughter and family are taken it very lightly. We will see what happens. I'm very adamant about protecting myself and my husband and son.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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Mac--I am agreeing with you!! Mom didn't want to get the vaccine b/c she'd HAD whooping cough--90 years ago.

And I pointed out to her that my hubby and I BOTH got 'boosters' when we started having grandkids.

Sadly, whooping cough is making a comeback.

If your Granddaughter is fully vaccinated via Israeli protocol and tests negative hours before seeing you, the odds that she could infect you are infinitely small.

There is another issue though, and that’s the logistics of accommodating a guest with a dementia patient. It might be better if she stays in lodging separate from you.

My mom was FURIOUS that she was required to get a Whooping Cough booster before my nephew would let her see his newborn.

She said "This is stupid. I HAD whooping cough!" Yeah, mom, in 1932. 90 years ago. She may still have had some antibodies, but for crying out loud--it was just one more thing for her to fuss about.

I told her "Both DH and I had the booster when our last grandchild was born. Our daughter asked us to and we did it. That's called love and respect."

FWIW--my SIL's parents are not allowed around the grands b/c they refused to get any COVID vaccinations. They literally chose their 'higher knowledge' over common sense. AND time with these kiddoes!

Which they had every right to do.

And DD and her hubby had the right to refuse their presence in their home, unvaccinated!

I had 3 shots for COVID and still got it--I'm a month out and just now starting to feel human again, although most days I am really fatigued by 3 pm. And I had hair loss. And my fingernails are all peeling. I hate to think what I would have been like if I had not gotten so many shots.

Let her know what you want beforehand. Your husband's granddaughter is entitled to take the virus lightly if she so chooses.....covid fatigue is real after 2.5 years of dealing with all this nonsense. And you're entitled to require her to test herself before entering your home. Just don't spring that news on her when she's at your front door.

So she gets insulted.
So what?

She tests negative or she doesn't stay.

My 93 year old ex MIL got a call from her nephew, man in his 80s who said he would stop by to visit her on a business trip. It transpires that he is not vaccinated. Her facility requires all visitors to be vaccinated and to test before entering. He said he wouldn't.

"What're you, crazy? A visit like this I can do without".

NEVER apologize for protecting your husband, your son or yourself.
If any visitor refuses to take a test then you have every right to refuse them permission to visit.
If anyone refuses to wear a mask if that is what you want them to do in your home then they can stay outside and talk to from the lawn.
YOU have to protect yourself in order to keep your family healthy.

You can have a gathering outside if that makes the rest of the family feel better. But you can also ask them to keep their distance.

Keep in mind that even with precautions taken there is the possibility that your household could become ill. If that does happen contact your doctor as soon as possible there are medications that can be taken as soon as you discover that you are positive but you have to be VERY proactive.

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