Loss of Appetite in the Elderly

Information and advice for family caregivers who are dealing with a senior experiencing decrease in appetite and lack of feelings of hunger, often leading to unintentional weight loss.

Loss of Appetite Articles

  • 5 High-Calorie Foods Your Elder Will Enjoy

    Working around age-related changes in appetite and food preferences can be tricky for family caregivers. Try these tasty tips to help your loved one maintain a healthy weight and get the vital nutrients they need.

  • Think Twice About Nutritional Supplement Drinks for Elderly Loved Ones

    Caregivers are often stumped when elders lose their appetite or stop eating altogether. Weigh the pros and cons of incorporating a supplement shake into an elder’s diet.

  • Why Seniors’ Tastes Change with Age

    Many older adults experience a loss of taste and no longer enjoy the foods they once loved. Depending on the underlying cause, a doctor may be able to suggest treatment options and methods of coping with this problem.

  • Why Seniors Refuse to Eat and What You Can Do About It

    When an elderly loved one stops eating or only picks at their food during meals, usually our first reaction is to urge them to eat. Instead, consider the underlying reasons for their loss of appetite and how they can be addressed.

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