I'm fairly certain my 62-year-old dad has some form of dementia (he has many symptoms), but I don't know what to do about it. He's been getting more volatile in recent years, inappropriate and worrying. He takes the thought of mental decline as a personal insult, and he's extremely stubborn. I'm not sure there's any way to get him to bring it up with his doctor (I would just want him to get checked out and cared for). And I'm afraid to call his doctor, because I'm worried he'll be violent if someone raises a concern. He has a large gun collection, unfortunately. He's retired and I and my mother live with him. He's pretty unstable at this point. What should I do?

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I would remove the ammo from the house, talk with his doctor in private and get him in to see the doctor. Even if you or your mother don't have medical power of attorney for him, either of you can still tell his doctor what is going on either in person or by sending him a letter. The next time he gets volatile, I would call 911 and report him as being a danger to others, i.e. you and your mother.
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I took my dad for neurological testing and they do a thorough analysis. It was a relief to finally have a diagnosis. Maybe you could tell him the test is for something else, some routine visit, to get him to go? I think it's pretty important to get him evaluated somehow so you know how best to help him.
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