Medication Management for Seniors

Coordination of the selection, administration, and monitoring of drug therapy to optimize patient care.

Medication Management Articles

  • Medication adherence is often a challenge for seniors and their caregivers, but even small changes in a drug regimen can have big consequences. Discover solutions other families have used to ensure OTC and Rx meds and supplements are taken as directed.

  • Many older adults take over a dozen different prescription drugs each year. Here's how a pharmacist can make managing these medications much easier.

  • Caregivers may no-longer have to worry whether or not their elderly loved one is taking their meds, thanks to a new type of medication monitoring device. A digital sensor that lets you know when a loved one has taken their meds was just given the green light by the FDA.

  • An elder may have many reasons for not wanting to take the medicines their doctor has prescribed. Here are three common complaints that seniors have about taking their meds and how to handle them.

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