Saw a GP (first time seeing her) for my 98 year old mother who is severely dehydrated. Took her vital signs. Blood pressure normal. Listened to heart and chest and said all okay. I jokingly said so she is not on deaths doorstep and she said no she'll be fine. Sent for blood test and results came back as low potassium, low sodium. Gave medication for dehydration and low potassium and said add extra salt for low sodium. Don't want to see her again she should be okay. Phoned GP today about medicine dosage and asked nursing sister what she thought of mom (she only saw her sitting in the car with a face mask on and a shield over her face on a very hot day) and she said she looks very frail and has about 2 weeks left. If I'm lucky she may last 2 months. So I asked the GP what she thought and she now says mom is very frail (considering she is dehydrated and the day was hot and she is sitting in the car) and has 2 months at the most because of her low sodium count. Her kidneys will probably fail. When I said so she won't make 100 she said definitely not. (They treat you in the car because of the covid pandemic here in South Africa). The receptionist phoned me back and said don't worry Gary nobody can say when a person will pass on. I realize mom is 98 and can't live forever but to now hear this has me stunned . Mom is a very small person and does not weigh much and always looks frail when sitting down especially on a very hot day. Sorry for the long story but I have no support . It is just Mom and me and I needed to get this off my chest and and see what other people may think. Started Mom on her medication today. She also had a nutritional smoothie with added banana , a plate of oats and a big plate of ice cream. The ice cream was to be for both of us but she finished it all off. She still can't stand without me holding her but this morning I saw her doing leg lifts on her bed and when I ask her to tense her hand and I try to pull it towards me she has tremendous strength for her age. When I pull her out of her chair you can see the muscles in her thigh but she just can't keep her balance. She also had trouble talking and can't always get the words out. I don't know if the stifling heat is causing some of this .since again so sorry for raving on. If anyone has any suggestions or or can assist in any way please let me know. Before all this happened mom was bored out of mind. She cannot see or hear properly and only wanted to go out.

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Dear Gary, I don't think these doctors have any way to predict how long your mother has left on this earth to live. Only God knows that answer. People have been given a few months to live, suffering from cancer, and have wound up living for 7 years. Nobody knows, and that is the ONLY truth you can take from what the doctors told you.

That said, your mother is very old at 98 and has had what sounds to be a wonderful life with excellent care from you, her beloved son. Instead of focusing on how much time she may or may not have left of her life, why not focus on enjoying each day with her? It sounds like she's eating well, feeling okay and the two of you are enjoying one another's company, which is what is most important. You are giving her potassium supplements & making sure she is eating more salt. That's all you can do. She may perk up in a few days, even! Maybe take her out for a ride in the car, look over old photos and reminisce about your happy memories together.

Whatever happens here, you are a wonderful son & your mother is fortunate to have you taking such good care of her. I wish you both the very best of luck moving forward. Try to take things one day at a time, okay? Sending you a hug and a prayer for peace.
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She has been frail for at least 2 years and heat is bad for her. They didn't mention hospice care but would not admit her to a hospital or ER for intravenous drip because of covid. Went on a drip in the ER for dehydration for 2 hours in October and given tablets for low potassium. She had a fall and they said it was because of dehydration but I saw it happen and a cushion slipped as she was getting out of her chair. CT scan revealed only a soft tissue in jury. She seemed to pick up a bit after the nourishment. It all happened so fast. I gave an antibiotic from our regular GP (GP did not even talk to me. I had to relay information through the receptionist) for a non existent UTI and 4 hours after the first tablet everything was all downhill
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Are they offering you Hospice care? If not, please ask for it. It doesn't mean your Mom won't make it through, but it will give you help with her. She sounds very frail and very ill, and no, no one can predict the time she has left with accurancy, but it sounds as though she is quite ill. The electrolyte balance is crucial to life. Without a good balance of sodium, potassium, other organs begin to fail. Aging organs begin to fail. Think of the heart as an aging pump. Think of the kidneys as an aging filtration system. These things stop being able to do the work they are meant to do to sustain life.
I am so sorry. I hope you get more support with what you are facing. It is dreadful to go through these things in covid 19 times.
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