So Mom has pretty much quit eating except for a few bites here and there. Her eyes look pitiful and I can see in them she’s in pain. Her liquid intake isn’t great either but I push them as much as I can. She has horrible headaches and backaches. Her alertness and mental clarity has drastically declined.Sleeping 98% now. Visitors today that were here last week said it was a very big change. When I mention these changes to her dr or Pallative care they say well dementia doesn’t have these symptoms! Am I crazy??? Have any of you experienced these symptoms with your loved ones? Thank y’all for all your support!

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I think she needs to reevaluated. Is this doctor her regular PCP or someone from the Palliative team. Just my opinion here but isn't pallitive confort care? Meaning, if she has pain they should be taking care of it. Do u have a BP cuff. If so, check hers and if high she is in pain. I think Mom needs to be on Hospice care. If this particlar care is not doing their job, hire another one if possible.

I just read your last post. Please, get another Hospice in there. Mom should not be in ANY pain. Its Hospice's job to make sure she isn't. Call her PCP. Tell him this agency is doing nothing to keep Mom comfortable.
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