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Common medical conditions associated with older adults.

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  • Chronic Health Conditions and the Flu: A Deadly Combination

    For elderly people, influenza can lead to serious complications like pneumonia, exacerbate existing chronic medical conditions and even cause death. Vaccinations are a senior’s best defense against the flu and related complications.

  • Why Ill Elders Fool the Doctor and What to Do About It

    Whether your aging loved one is in denial about their health or intentionally withholding information during doctor’s appointments, it’s vital to find ways to help the physician see the truth about a senior's situation.

  • How to Communicate with a Senior Who Can No Longer Speak

    It is frightening to watch an aging loved one lose their ability to talk, respond or communicate in any manner, but the powers of touch and hearing can help family caregivers continue to connect with seniors who have aphasia.

  • High Blood Pressure: Guidelines and Treatments for Seniors

    The guidelines for normal and high blood pressure aren’t always black and white, especially for older adults. Caregivers should take an active role in helping seniors monitor their blood pressure to ensure hypertension is detected and treated promptly.

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