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Common medical conditions associated with older adults.

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  • Protecting a Senior Against Coronavirus

    Coronavirus is especially worrisome for those who are living with elderly loved ones. Family caregivers should take the following precautions to protect seniors from COVID-19.

  • Chronic Health Conditions and the Flu: A Deadly Combination

    For elderly people, influenza can lead to serious complications like pneumonia, exacerbate existing chronic medical conditions and even cause death. Vaccinations are a senior’s best defense against the flu and related complications.

  • How to Talk to the Doctor About Your Elderly Parent or Spouse

    Seniors may mislead their doctors due to fear, denial or a phenomenon called “showtiming.” Fortunately, there are some tips that caregivers can use to ensure doctors are well-informed while their loved ones’ dignity remains intact.

  • 6 Household Items That Could Be Making Your Family Sick

    Bacteria, viruses and allergens hide in and on many household items, causing colds, infections and allergic reactions. Learn how to disinfect these everyday objects to prevent illness.

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