For me, it is trying to stand back up from a squatting position. This physical movement seem to appear rather quickly. I have to have the cat litter boxes right next to a waist high cabinet so I can push myself up. So weird, as I used to be a gym rat for decades until I had to stop to help out my parents.

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At 66 the thing that surprised me was: "How did I get here so fast?" It seems everything that I'd wanted to do and kept putting off until "later" never materialized and here it is: "later". It's unlikely I'll get do those things, and honestly, I don't even want to do them anymore. I don't seem to be able to retain information the way I used to and my problem solving ability seems to be circling the drain. Just hoping that it's not a sign of imminent dementia. The other thing that sucks about getting old is realizing that though I'm doing my darndest to take care of my 94-year old mom, that there's going to be no one, zippo, zilch to help me out should I reach that age. It's disturbing and depressing.
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Animallovers Nov 2022
At 64 with a 91 yr old mother and no kids I know just how you feel!
I am 67. I used to be a goodie two shoes when I was young. I was groomed to be a people pleaser by my mother but had had an epiphany a few years ago that I was a sucker. I have decided life is too short and I should do what I want and not let my life be navigated by other peoples’ demands. For the record my 94 year old mother is not happy with me with the decisions I’ve made but I am trying to live my best life now. Being a senior with most of my good years behind me had made me realize there are no do overs. You go around once.
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I wasn't prepared for losing so many important people in my life.
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I agree it happens too fast. My goodness I am 85!!!

Yet my earlier life seems eons ago. I am very fortunate in not having arthritis, can still do squats, not on many meds, haven't had any surgeries other than tonsils as a preschooler and episiotomies when giving birth. I don't like the changes in my skin, the decreased strength and stamina, increased digestive issues and such.

I hear you ff about knowing were the restrooms are. More of my time is taken up with looking after myself and making adjustments. But I am better at dealing with life and relationships and wouldn't trade that for anything!

I am finally downsizing to a smaller more convenient home and still hope/plan to have some adventures and new experiences.
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Evamar Nov 2022
That is inspiring.
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I’m dismayed by the fact that even when in respectable health and good fitness, how fast you lose ground if there’s any setbacks, and then how much more time & effort it takes to reclaim what was lost, if even possible.
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What surprises me is how curious, interested and engaged most of us still are at older ages. When younger, we may have expected "old age" to mean inability to function, but that is usually not so. We may need to move more carefully, make some physical accommodations, pay attention to the task at hand, but we have gained the wisdom and experience to adapt to life's changrs.
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Babs75 Nov 2022
Our local community college offers free tuition for people over 62. You have to take classes as an 'audit' and you can't sign up until the first day of class and only if there is still space available, but I've truly enjoyed learning new stuff.
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I never dreamed being 65 meant being the caregiver to my soon to be 90 year old dad. I thought that was the age to enjoy retirement. This is so much harder than an 8 hour a day job. I haven't had a day off in 9 months.
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I hate hate hate that my body is failing one little piece at a time.
First it was my eyes - multi focal lenses here we come, but no matter what I do I still can't really see fine details any more.
Then my feet went wonky; I need toe separators and arch supports and metatarsal pads and no sooner do I fix one thing than something else crops up.
Weight gain and muscle loss post menopause - I used to be someone that people hated because I could pig out on anything and never even think about it, now I must be obsessive about getting my 20,000 steps every day or my weight begins to creep up.
I need a jar opener now.
And my back hurts.
I can't balance on one leg to put on my shoes or socks... plus I have trouble even bending that far because my hips just don't want to do that.

This is why getting old isn't for sissies, god help me I'm only 62 and the women in my family tend to live into their 90's!
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Surprised how much physical strength and stamina I've lost, but equally surprised at how much stronger I am emotionally. My motto is "Roll with it, Baby!"
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A nurse reminded me “These are not the ‘golden years’. They are the rusty years. Things keep rusting away.” And what surprises me every day is looking down at crepey skin on my my hands and realizing there is less time left than I’ve lived.
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