I am the primary caretaker for my mother who is in a private independent care facility--but she is hardly independent. I have a nurse in with her Monday through Friday, but on weekends and evenings either I'm with her most of the time or a member of my family when I'm sick. Yesterday when I went to see her I discovered the facility wouldn't let me in at all--only medical personnel. My mom just got out of the hospital due to congestive heart failure and she has advancing Alzheimer's. I can't believe I can't even get in to see her.

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Today I had a miracle happen!!
At least it was miraculous to me!!
Had to make a trip to the grocery store. As has become my norm, I went to the paper goods isle.
Once again, NO TOILET PAPER!!!
I resigned myself to the fact that I was gonna have to cut up more paper towels(put them in the trash. Don't ever put them in the toilet!).
While standing at the check out I spot a woman with a 12 pack of TP. I asked her where she found it??? She told me that they just found a box in the stockroom and the clerk was putting it on the shelf now! My hubby turned to me and said "RUN"!!!
I am happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of a 12 pack of TP!! At least for a while!!
Maybe a small victory, but a victory none the less!!
Hopefully you got a chuckle out this too!
Hang in there everyone!!
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lilhelp Mar 2020
I'm so happy for you!  You were where you were supposed to be at the right time!  PS Can you toss a roll over here?  :P  lil
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Special appreciation to all those that keep the supplies and necessities moving! Thank you.
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bookluvr Mar 2020
I second it!!!
I was chatting with my neighbour from across the street yesterday and she was telling me about her shopping experiences during early seniors only hours:
One older lady from up the street was shopping for a group but was distressed because she was only allowed 1 bag of milk (we get our milk in bags, one 4 litre bag contains 3 smaller bags), she'd have to come back again to get more. And why couldn't she split this with her friend in order to make due? Why because she wanted 1% and her friend wanted 2%.
Another person was out in search of toothpaste, because their grandkids liked a different kind than the adults in the house.
Still others were making a certain recipe an needed particular ingredients.

Hello? Pandemic going on out here, we're supposed to be practising self isolation and all that....🙄. Our leaders have been tossing out the war analogy - if instead of a virus it was an enemy sniper with a gun would we still risk going to the store for such trivial "needs"?
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MAYDAY Mar 2020
Tell the kids to use baking soda to brush the teeth. works great, cheap, and taste worse than anything else, but your mouth will thank you for it.
The other night, my mother wanted to go outside to get her cat. Well the neighbor had his ex-girlfriend over, which I do not like and she doesn't like me. Anywho, my neighbor's ex said, "hi" to my mother so my mother said, "hi" back! Then my neighbor's ex walked up to our fence and started talking to my mother as she (my mother) was chasing her cat down the sidewalk and the exs said, "come here, I want to talk." My mother looked right at her and said, "NO!" "You could have The Virus and I am not coming near you." My mother grab her cat and walked as fast as her little legs could carry her. I was at the front door watching my mother but my neighbor's ex didn't see me and I was laughing so hard just seeing the exs expression on her face. When my mother came in the house and she looked at me and said, "I may be out of my mind most days, but today I am with it. I'm not going near that lady. She could kill me!"

My mother's short-term memory maybe going, but she remembered me telling her to stay away from people. Some times they are just funny!
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Unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  It's going to continue to get worse until it reaches its peak.  If everyone can just pitch in and do their part from spreading it... It's sad when I see numbers of deaths. 20 deaths is a lot. I hope I don't become immune or numb to the numbers. This morning in my calendar, I started noting down the events as it occurs here on island... Our national guard has been activated....

A few minutes ago, I saw comments from those working the suicide prevention and other hotlines. They're receiving so many calls of people wanting to kill themselves because they were laid off or just plain panicking... If you can't find strengths or encouragements from friends and family, at least you will find it here in AC.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 2020
Wow, so sad about suicidal feelings. I get it. People are reacting to fear. Fear can change a person’s outlook on life.

Our national guard is active too. Brings back disturbing memories of Hurricane Katrina for me and many of our residents.

I am 64, my husband is 65. Our stores have special hours for residents over 60 to shop. I think that’s nice but I am not comfortable being out at this time.

I have been hospitalized with asthma attacks before and since this virus can attack the lungs I am being extra cautious and staying self quarantined.

My husband is home from his office so he is doing our shopping. He is sanitizing as much as possible when he returns and immediately washes his hands.

This virus situation feels like a bad dream to me. I know it’s real but it’s hard to believe at times that we are experiencing this.

I look forward to when it’s behind us. I am sad about the deaths. I want everyone to protect themselves and others. I wish everyone well. My thoughts are with all of you.
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By now the entire USA is affected by shut downs of various kinds. The MC where I work as well as my mother's MC is not allowing visitors at all; only medical and essential personnel at this point.

We, as a country, are trying to 'flatten the curve' by keeping this virus from hitting everyone at once. Check out this article to gain a better understanding of the intent behind social distancing in situations such as we're facing:

We certainly do not want to carry this virus into the elder care communities, so most people are fine with taking a break from visiting their loved ones. It can be hard, but no harder than trying to save their lives once the virus hits them!

Good luck
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DianaF Mar 2020
And it's not just to protect the elders - it's also to protect the staff who are taking care of them.
I did see on CNN news that Florida beaches were full of people. When the news report asked young college kids "why they were on the beach and not at home" most answer that "they could not get Coronavirus" and went on to say, "they felt the virus only attacks older adults and besides it was their spring break and that they deserve it."

They don't get it!
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Myownlife Mar 2020
Florida: 763 cases, 12 deaths, a number of counties show no cases, majority SE Florida ( age range 11-96 ) significant number in Tampa area (age range 17-70).

Our beaches in Florida are now closed as of 1-2 days ago. Restaurants only open for to go or delivery. Department stores other than Walmart, Walgreen's, Publix closed, EXCEPT for the furniture stores! Why in the world would anyone be out buying furniture right now?

I am at home with my 94 y.o. mother watching an awful lot of television. One of my daughters lives here and still going to work. So far we are all fine.

Saw next door neighbor yesterday as I went to check the mail. She was walking her dog around the neighborhood pond. She called out to me to stay back six feet as she has been sick all week and working out of home. She said yesterday was the first day she was feeling better.

I cannot believe people would be angry at kids playing outside especially in their own yard. That's awful.

Some ideas for kids:

1. If there is some sort of a park with trails nearby, go for a hike.
2. I think you said your backyard is dirt, maybe some mud wrestling and then a "hose fight" for cleaning off. Or maybe a mud obstacle course.
3. Interviewing mom about life in the "olden days" and write a story out of it.
4. Maybe having a tent in the back yard or build a "fort".
5. Are they allowed to ride bicycles? (given this current situation)
6. Maybe go for a ride in the country, or somewhere just to get out of the house, even if it's just to a drive-through restaurant.

Best wishes to you, Shell!
Yikes... CNN reports US intelligence knew about the virus in China since November.. On January 3rd, this information was included in the briefing for the President.
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With the virus spreading, I was very stressed about my follow up appointment at the clinic. The morning of the appointment, I adjusted the 2 masks made by fave sis. I shorten the elastic and hand sewn pipe cleaner on the top to make the top sturdier and less opening... Went to the clinic.... My doctor carefully and slowly told me to please be very careful when shopping at our 2 major grocery stores... Ohhhh.

This morning, I woke up from a real-like dream or nightmare. I came down with the virus and infected oldest sis, too. .. I woke up... Realized it was a dream. I Hope this is just a dream generated by stress. Not a premonition.
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I'm in Southwest Ohio and we have only essential businesses open. My adult son lives with me (after his divorce),and he lost his restaurant job due to lockdowns. I am divorced and retired so I get a tiny pension and alimony. My mom is in ASF and I feel so lucky to have found this for her. It is minutes from my home and when things were normal I would visit nearly every day. But they have restricted visitors at the facility. Now I could go there as they allow 1 family member but mom herself has told me to stay home. She gets her meals and has plenty of everything else she needs, so we just chat on the phone now. I really do feel very lucky that it hasn't impacted me more at this time. But I refuse to dwell on the negative and want to stay "up" for mom and my son.
On the other end are my grandson-in-law who is dealing with his mother being in hospice. My granddaughter gives me daily updates and their family is having a rough time coming to terms with her death.
These are trying times and will bring out peoples true natures. I hope we all find the strength we need to get through this.
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NeedHelpWithMom Mar 2020
Your mom sounds sweet and sensible. God bless her. Please stay safe. Sorry that your son lost his job. Sad times.
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