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Sufficient absorption of water in the body to lubricate muscles and skin, help the organs work efficiently, and keep the body from overheating.
  • For many caregivers, ensuring an older person stays hydrated can be a daily struggle. Learn how to help seniors get the fluids they need, even if they won't drink water.
  • As the summer weather continues to heat up, it is crucial to remember that heat-related illness can be devastating--especially for individuals 65 and older.
  • My Parkinson's disease and prostate surgery have left me with several issues, including incontinence and occasional dizziness. Eureka! I stumbled upon an easy, cheap, effective remedy!
  • It is normal to be constipated from time to time, but when this condition lasts for a prolonged period or worsens significantly, it can be extremely uncomfortable and even require medical attention.
  • When a loved one is having trouble swallowing, doctors often recommend thickening their meals and drinks to avoid choking and aspiration of particles into the lungs. Use these tips to encourage them to eat and learn how to pick the right thickening agent.
  • It is very easy for adults to have an imbalanced diet. The older we become, the poorer our diets tend to be. Signs in older adults that may indicate they are not getting enough nutrition include a loss of energy, a noticeably weakened immune system and a marked change in behavior patterns. AgingCare.com shares easy ideas to incorporate better diet choices for our aging loved ones. These simple tips can support and encourage better diet choices to preserve and improve their health.
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