He nearly died from multiple problems. He lives in constant pain, anxiety and depression. Although he seems to be making improvement physically, he talks about not living to stop the pain. The Drs are aware of his state of mind. His new interests are upsetting me. Anyone else have this issue?

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My husband had a personality change from his TIA's and strokes. He also became obsessed with watching TV shows and sitting close to the flat screen and watching cop shows for up to 4 hrs at a time. I couldn't get him away from the screen at all.

I would have to walk up and pause the program to talk to him and ask if he was hungry.
The shows may occupy his mind when depression is pressing in on him.

I agree with the others, a neurological evaluation would be good.
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I wonder too if he is using the violent, etc. TV as a distraction from pain, a way to get a jolt of adrenaline or dopamine and escape. Definitely agree with Frazzled to check with a neurologist. Sorry you are both dealing with this.
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You might see about having him evaluated by a neurologist. Sometimes early dementia can cause personality changes and even depression. His brain could have undergone trauma too if he experienced severe physical problems.
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