My 80 year old Mom has completely changed over past several years.

It has always been said that if you ever made Linda ( my mom) mad at you, then you really messed up. Mom was the nicest, sweetest, most compassionate Woman I’ve ever known until a few years ago.

Now, she is the meanest, nastiest, most narcissistic person me and my siblings know.

What has happened to her?

Can someone please let me know so we can get her the proper help.

thank you

I was extremely lucky to stumble on to this site, so I am not sure I could find it again to check for responses.

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Scott, aging isn't easy. I am going through age decline myself being I am in my early 70's. It sure is an eye opener, and now I can fully understand what my late parents were going through.

You just can't do things you use to do. Think about this, at your Mom's age, she probably can't hop into the car, drive to the mall to meet her friends for lunch. Those friends have either moved or have passed on. Mom's love of her life is probably no longer in the picture....

Food doesn't taste as good as years ago as one tends to lose their sense of taste except for sweets.... eye don't see as well, and hearing isn't as good.... TV shows are terrible... and walking isn't that easy anymore, especially stairs.

Most of us would be grumpy, too.
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My mom never became mean but as her health deteriorated she certainly became focused on herself and her own needs to the exclusion of anyone else, I think it take all her mental and physical energy just to get through the day :(
I agree with the advice to find a doctor who will listen and act on your concerns.
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A personality change can be from dementia. Also, some medication can cause personality changes too.

if you haven’t had your mom checked for dementia or mental illness, find a hospital that has a Geriatric Psych unit where your mom’s mental state can be diagnosed. They should have a psychiatrist check her out while she’s in the hospital. Many times medication is given for whatever diagnosis she may end up with.

Finally, is your mom living with chronic pain or mobility problems? Diabetes? When your in misery it can make you impatient and mean.

I hope you figure it out.
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If you've talked to her doctor and s/he isn't "getting" it, find a geriatric psychiatrist to see your mom.
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Please give us some background of your Mom's health problems and what the doctor has said about her personality changes.   Has she been diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer's?
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Personality changes come with dementia and some other medical conditions. What does her doctor say?
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