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  • Wise Words from Mum on Living with Dementia

    Caring for Mom: Mum has been steadily declining and is struggling with how to enjoy life despite her growing limitations. Depression and dementia go hand in hand, it seems.

  • Early-Onset Alzheimer's: A Story of Love and Loss

    After my mom was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's, I had to learn to live in her world because she couldn't live in mine. This is a glimpse into my ongoing journey with Mom and how I have learned to fight back against dementia.

  • Memory Care: The Greatest Gift We Could Give Mom

    Mom's progression of Alzheimer's disease over the last eight years had been pretty much textbook. But nothing would prepare us for the challenge of placing her in memory care.

  • How Caregiving Can Help Us Redefine the True Meaning of Motherhood

    What do we owe our aging mothers? Learning to appreciate those who mothered us during our formative years and finding forgiveness in our hearts for those who faltered in these duties can help us come to terms with these relationships.

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