Age Related Decline

A decline in physical and cognitive ability noted with age that is not related to the diagnosis of any specific disorder. Proactive lifestyle changes have been shown to delay or reduce the degree of decline in abilities.

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  • Tips for Motivating Seniors to Stay Involved

    We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips and suggestions for motivating seniors to stay involved as they age.

  • Respecting the Right to Age With Dignity

    Adult children often go to great lengths to protect their aging parents, but this can diminish their independence and quality of life. Family caregivers and the public must learn to respect older adults and their desire to age on their own terms.

  • 10 Common Misconceptions About Aging

    Did you know that those who approach getting older with a positive outlook are more likely to live longer and have a better quality of life? Dismiss common myths about older adults and embrace aging with optimism.

  • The Truth About “Old People Smell”

    Many people believe the odor that sometimes permeates seniors’ homes and elder care facilities is a result of poor hygiene, but it is actually a natural part of aging.

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