Anyone else experiencing hostile healthcare worker unprofessionalism and potential extortion of dying patient's inheritance?


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I don’t know how you go about getting to my story, but I’m sort of facing the same thing in a different way... My screen name is JFJINAL729. Maybe you can look it up with that.
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Def have experienced hostile healthcare workers. They try to claim themselves to be "family" and then appear to be angling for a payout. It's extremely stressful to deal with. Not sure about extortion issue. Could you
clarify your particular situation?
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I am bumping this up. I think, though more info is needed.
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MargaretMcKen Sep 2, 2018
Hi JoAnn your post suggests to me that you know how to contact the site moderator/s. I asked a question addressed really to the moderators a while ago. No-one has answered it. Perhaps you could assist, particularly as this has give me a new question!

1) First question was ‘How do you change your profile?’. There were some old answers on this, but they didn’t seem to square up with what I now see on the screen. Perhaps this is the result of the new website.
2) The result of trying to ask the first question was ‘Could there be a subject ‘site’ on the list of subjects from which you have to choose when you ask a question? It would be the obvious way to reach moderator/s easily.

If this isn’t you, any suggestions would be gladly received. Yours, Margaret
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