We found out that our stepmother's caregiver (does not live with her, but in neighborhood) has been abusive to her, they also have medical POA. After she had been diagnosed with mild dementia, they told both my stepmom and her niece and sister (her only relatives that live across the country) that my brother (who has held the financial POA since my father set up their trust and everything back in 2010) he was going to place her in an institution (not true), so they had her sign for a new financial POA.

Caregiver talked stepmom into changing her phone number and would not give it to any family. With the agreement of stepmom's blood relatives, we went over 250 miles to remove her. Needless to say, stepmom was not happy and for an hour kept asking us to take her back home. She finally understood we were not putting her away and wanted her safe. She has agreed to stay with me while we work on getting caregiver totally out of her life. APS called (caregiver filed complaint) and talked with her. Being honest to their questions, no she didn't want to come with us, we refused to take her home when asked, yes she wants to go home. they didn't delve any deeper. Now APS has ordered us to return her (she is an adult) or they will file abduction charges against us, even though they have complaint(s) against caregivers treatment of her. We have 2 days to tell them when we will be returning her to her home.


You need a lawyer that knows Elder Care Law.
You should also get hold of all bank records and make sure that no money has been stolen, or I should say misappropriated.
If you have documentation as to when she was diagnosed with Dementia, the exact date..and find out when the second POA was done, if the second was done after the diagnosis it is possible that will be invalidated and also go to prove that the "caregiver" was setting the stage so to speak to worming her way into your Step-Moms life.
Also look at credit card use and if possible stop cards. And also put Fraud alerts with all the credit bureaus.
Bottom line...Elder Care lawyer..ASAP
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You dont need any care giver, read this article and you will feel relaxed
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You need a lawyer.
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