Elder Abuse

Mistreatment of an adult later in life that results in harm or loss.

Elder Abuse Articles

  • A nationwide elder abuse analysis has led to a surprising conclusion that could cause older Americans to think twice about trusting their money to those nearest and dearest to them.

  • The term elder abuse encompasses a wide array of mistreatment of the elderly. Learn the warning signs, laws, and what to expect if you need to report a suspected case of risk or harm to an older person.

  • Even as a long-distant caregiver, learn the signs to determine if your loved one is being mistreated—and ways to take corrective action to stop elder abuse.

  • There are five basic types of elder abuse: physical, sexual, psychological, financial and neglect. If others are involved in providing care for an elderly loved one, be aware of the potential for elder abuse and how to identify it.

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