I provide behavior support for people with disabilities. Some of my senior clients are frustrated by not being able to do things they once could and need reminding of what is and is not socially acceptable behavior. I am seeking therapeutic resources like social stories, movies, and clips that show seniors finding new meaning, contributing to society, and making good choices. Does anyone know of any such resources?



ALZ/Dementia patients cannot be taught. There is no conditioning. The first thing to go is reasoning, processing and comprehension besides short term. Their minds are dying, little by little. Once they lose the ability to do something, its lost. There is no going back. That part of the brain has died. Your reminding doesn't effect them. They forget what you have said in a manner of minutes if not seconds. They lose their filter. They cannot help what they do and you can't correct something that is damaged. These are not disabled people. As someone has said here before, their brains are broken. These poor people will get worse as time goes on. Trying not to be rude here, but you may want to read up on the different Dementias and Alzheimers, which effects the brain different than Dementia.
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Im wondering 'what' is frustrating your senior clients that they cant do anymore?
and also what are they doing that isn't socially accepted?

at my moms AL a lot have dementia (not all)
activities aren't really meant to teach them anything I suppose...

but to keep them busy and happy. singing songs, listening to music, playing bingo, playing ball with a balloon. dancing, coloring, crafts. trivia, some don't participate but enjoy being around others.
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Start looking at Assisted Living facilities and Senior Centers near you.
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These Seniors that you work with, they have dementia? If so, “teaching” them how to act and watching videos or modeling good behavior would probably be pretty futile. Their brains are broken, as we say. They don’t retain things from minute to minute. They are impulsive, delusional, hallucinatory and sometimes paranoid.

A wonderful facility near near me has a super-active activities department. The residents go on field trips st least once a week to the beach, local farms, historic sites, baseball games, etc. They recently had a “Beach Party” for the ones who couldn’t travel and brought in wading pools of play sand for them to put their feet in. There is a garden just at wheelchair height and the residents maintain it. They bring in comfort animals, have musical entertainment, clambakes and even have a lounge set up like an Olde English Pub.

Showing videos can be a valuable tool, but I know for myself, I find those Consumer Cellular ads with the “perfect Seniors” who have the perfect house, perfect clothes, perfect hair, perfect friends and perfect social life making me want to throw a shoe at the television. And I have CC as my carrier.
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