Elderly and Disabled

A mental or physical condition limiting movement, senses, cognition, or activities.

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  • The wrong mobility aid can negatively affect a senior’s stability, cause posture problems and even result in pain. These devices come in all shapes and sizes, so selecting the right one and achieving a proper fit requires a professional’s expertise.

  • For Charlie and me, basic things like getting a haircut are now far from effortless. I can tell that our outings aren’t going to get any easier, and I’m worried about what the future holds.

  • Helping a loved one get dressed and manage personal hygiene can be two very difficult aspects of a Parkinson's caregiver's duties. These practical tips can help simplify and speed up your loved one's daily care routine.

  • Every health care situation is unique, and this can make enrolling in Medicare even more complicated. Chances are help is available, but when in doubt, ask for assistance.

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