Senior Activities

Something a person or group does to fulfill physical, social, and/or intellectual needs.

Senior Activities Articles

  • Tips for Motivating Seniors to Stay Involved

    We’ve compiled experienced caregivers’ best tips and suggestions for motivating seniors to stay involved as they age.

  • How to Plan Meaningful Activities for Someone with Alzheimer's

    Activities that can give an elderly loved one a sense of accomplishment may help stave off anxiety and depression. Coming up with activities to keep a person with Alzheimer's busy and engaged with life can be a tricky task for a caregiver.

  • A Caregiver’s Struggle: Balancing an Elder's Sense of Purpose with Their Safety

    Seniors need to feel useful to enjoy a high quality of life. Sticking to everyday routines and engaging in enjoyable activities helps them maintain a sense of purpose. But if you believe an elder’s actions are risky or dangerous, when should you step in?

  • Keeping Seniors Busy and Active

    If a senior’s abilities have waned, it can be challenging to find ways to adapt or replace the pastimes they once loved. In some cases, there is no encouraging or convincing an elderly loved one to remain active.

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