I am 45 years old and am on disability for severe mental illness. I am also agoraphobic (a very bad case of it) and I am severely social phobic and I have bad anxiety and panic attacks. I have not left my house other than a handfull of times since November of 2009. I can take care of myself pretty good in the home, but I cannot get myself to go outside to check my mail, take my trash out, go to the store, or anything. I cannot even get myself to go to appointments. I need to find somewhere to live where they will help me with those things and can provide me with some form of social work in the home/in-home counseling/home-based services, etc. I have no assistance and no support out here. I have 2 days to get out of my trailer because I had a very abusive roommate who caused a lot of problems and now I have to be out and I have nowhere to go, no money, and I am getting no assistance, no help, no support or anything. I have gone as far as to request a social worker or anything in my home and no one responds. I don't understand what the problem is. I need someone around me who will guide me and be there for me to talk to and help me get on the right path and make sure I take my meds and get to appointments and have groceries and things like that. I really cannot take care of anything outside of the home. I have been this way now for almost 9 years. I am bipolar and have PTSD and personality disorders as well. My bipolar also has psychotic episodes and I am not on any medications right now. I had serious problems with my mental health care provider and they treated me very poorly and I plan on suing them, to be quite honest. I have a very good case too. No one in my condition should ever be out here on the streets OFF OF THEIR MEDICATION. I even went as far as to try to do inpatient voluntarily because I was not getting help from my mental health care provider. I told them crazy things that were going through my mind and they released me back on the streets with no medication and no help or anything. That was a HUGE mistake on their part. Also, I had a good reason for missing my last med review appointment and I requested that she call me in another month of meds so I could get in there as a walk in to see her and she refused to call my meds in. Another big mistake. I have been going there for many years now and you would think these people would realize this is not a good thing for me to be out here on my own like this. I have a very good lawsuit against them and I have every intention of getting justice for all of these months of being without my medications. I have not had my medications in about 7 months. My kids have not stepped in to help me. They cannot be relied on for anything. When I would call them and tell them I needed them to pick up my medication refills each month it would take them a good week each time to do it. During that time I have no medications. That is not good for my mind or my system. I have no one to help me out here. I have 2 days to move and my kids said they were going to bring me boxes and packing materials and they have never showed up. They have known how serious this was and have never done a thing to help me. My mother is totally worthless too and I do not talk to any of my other family. I have not talked to them for years. I am a loner and spend all of my time with my pets (currently I have 2 old male cats who I've had since they were born for about 12 years now). I sleep a lot because my health is bad as well. I have COPD and it has gotten really bad. I cough so much and so hard it makes me crazy and it causes me to vomit all of the time. I also have pleurisy and my chest hurts. I have high cholesterol. My heart feels like it is weak and it does strange things in my chest. I think I have Chrons disease or colon cancer (which runs in my family) and I was standing in the kitchen today and I am not sure but I think I felt a lump in my breast. I can't tell. I am falling apart. I need to know who to contact to get help once and for all. I cannot continue to live like this and go through all of this stress. It is killing me and I am going to have a nervous breakdown, a stroke or a heart attack or simply just die in my sleep. Animals mean everything to me and my cats are my life. Wherever I go they have to come with me. We have always been together and I will never leave them behind. Please let me know who to talk to. I am out of time. I am about to lose everything and that is not right at all. I did nothing here but pay my part of the rent and bills and stay in my room all of the time. My roommate was crazy and violent and abusive and tried to intimidate everyone and harass and threaten everyone. He choked a family friend in the living room and threatened my youngest daughter's 19 year old boyfriend. He told me he'd bury me under the trailer and cover me with lye and go out and eat a steak like nothing happened. He was nuts.

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That is a very helpful and compassionate response, FrazzledMama. I hope the OP will make good use of your suggestions.
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Hugs I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope you are safe from the crazy roommate. Is he gone for good? (Hope so!)

A few things that came to mind when reading your post were:

1. If you are having chest pain/feeling funny, you could call an ambulance and/or check in at the ER, and they will check you out at the hospital physically, then if you tell them you need mental help and are off your medications, they might refer you to an inpatient psychiatric facility again. That sounds like it will be your best best to get stabilized physically and mentally so you are able think clearly and function better. You definitely need your medications.

2. NAMI is a good resource for information on assistance for anyone struggling with a mental disability. There are support groups nationwide as well. Their helpline is 1-800-950-NAMI. Here is a link to their website:

3. You might contact social services again as well. They might have some good information on housing available, possibly subsidized or there are also group homes in some areas available for adults with disabilities, as well as Medicaid options and services. If you go to the hospital, a social worker there might be able to help in these areas as well.
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