I am 70 years old and bi-polar. My children want to take over the management of my bills or have someone else do it, for I do impulse buying, particularly big-ticket items, like cars and motorcycles. Both of my children live out of town, far away. Are there services that pay bills for someone or is there a way to limit how much I can spend at one time?

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You need a conservator. This is a person who can handle ur money. BiPolar is considered a disability so that may help with getting someone to help. Go to ur bank and see if they offer the service. Not sure if I'd want my children. Sometimes they get too strict. The bank may have someone to help with your credit. Sometimes consolidating the a loan to pay off all debts is good. Then u close down the credit cards and pay cash. Instead of 4 card payments a month, you have one payment for the loan. Sell off what you can.
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If you want to be in control you could talk to a financial planner about putting your money in an annuity or similar type of investment that would dole out a monthly allowance. You could also ask to freeze your ability to take on new debt and limit your maximum credit card allowance. If I were you I would also allow your kids to monitor your accounts so someone who cares is watching for red flags.
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You can pay a trust department of a bank to pay your bills.
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Why WOULDN'T you want your loving children to manage your money for you?

You have a long term illness that impairs your judgement about spending. If you trust your children with your money, why would you want someone else to do this?
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