Senior Financial Planning

A comprehensive plan of investments using current assets to create a plan of income for a future event such as retirement.

Financial Planning Articles

  • Renting vs. Buying in Senior Living Communities

    When considering the many different types of senior housing communities available, you may be faced with the decision to rent or buy. It’s important to consider an elder’s future care needs and finances before deciding which option is best.

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  • How to Put an Elderly Loved One on a Budget

    Budgeting can be tricky, especially for seniors who are living on a fixed income. Learn how to help a senior evaluate their income, assets, and expenses and develop a monthly budget they can actually follow.

  • Free and Discounted Services for Seniors and Their Caregivers

    With so many seniors living on limited incomes, finding affordable products and services is crucial. Get the inside scoop on freebies and discounts available to you and your aging loved one.

  • The Biggest Mistake People Make When Filing for Social Security

    Many American adults don't know how to maximize their Social Security benefits. Most start collecting too early, and neglect to use strategies that make the most of their monthly benefits.

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