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I'm wondering if she's with you or in a facility? My mother's bad behavior has increased as her dementia has but she and I were having conflict before that over my marriage, etc. (I'm an only child and it's been the control thing.) I've limited my visits upon the advice of my therapist and she said even dementia patients must have consequences for bad behavior so now when she starts "shooting" at me I just leave. I've had to do this for my sanity. Besides, when they get to this level you've pretty much already lost them. Maybe you could give us more details as my situation might not even be close to yours, but I have endured verbal abuse that brought me to my knees (as another poster said).
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Do you mean personality conflicts or is she rude in your home? Can you share a bit more please?
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It's difficult to give advice about something so vague, can you give us an example?
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