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Hey folks, welcome to the new whine/general topic thread. Feel free to use this thread to discuss anything that is on your mind. Caregiving- related stuff, life after a loved one's death, your own emotional wellbeing. Whatever..........anything on your mind.


Thanks for the new thread
You are welcome MsMadge. Bring all your friends.
I hope that this new thread will take off. Sometimes threads disappear for a while and then come back. If the old whine thread comes back that would be great, but if not I hope everyone feels free to post on this one.
I just buried my 34 yr old son. I paid all expenses, will I receive the 250.00 burial
Benifets? Or will his children? ( who are 11 and 8. ) do I h ave to prove I paid expenses?
The SSI burial benefit will go to his children if he is not legally married to their mother. That benefit is a payout to a spouse or dependent children if no spouse only.
Imtired, I'm so very sorry for your loss!
Thanks Gershun, for the new thread. You have always looked out for the forum members and the community here!
I have an elderly family member in the hospital, but cannot post out of respect for her and family's privacy. Limited to taking a few casseroles essentially. If it were not for this forum's members I would not have known what to do. I am not as worried, but just not feeling myself.
Thank you for a fresh start Gershun.
Yeah! A new day, a fresh start. Seize the day! Be back tomorrow!

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