Had to go to court.

Judge ruled in my favor.

Neither of my Mom's other 2 sons have called her since 5/12/19.

court was 5/22/19.

She says nothing.

She does nothing.

She won’t mention anything about what happened.

Order of protection granted to me for 2 years, against assaulting brother.

Oldest brother, no involvement, lives in different state.....hasn’t called her.

I would be fine, if I lived alone.

But, Mom lives with me.

I'm feeling regretful I had her move in with me.

I had no idea it would play out this way.

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Thanks. But, Mom is getting the message from the no contact.
I am steel, she is not, never has been.
I learned it with therapy years ago.
I am trying to make her find her’s not easy.
I feel bad for her.
I have much belief in faith.....not religious exactly, but have delved much into the Bible over the years.....I wanted, had to, recognise....there is something greater than we will ever understand at work during our lives.
Just always trying to be the best soul I could be.
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You now have 2 years without interference to get mom into a nursing home. You have guardianship, correct? You got that because she was deemed incompetent and now you are able to make decisions for her. Give home care a try, but keep options open.
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Very few of us ever saw how living with/caring for a parent would play out. Some of us or perhaps most of us never saw the h3ll coming our way. So don't feel bad. I never thought my mother and brother would gang up on me, but they did! Almost 3 yrs later now they want to be my friend, brother and what not, to much hurt feelings, broken heart, and unfriendly words left in the air. Nope, I am not my brother's sister and my mother is someone I take care of. I am a Shell to them. I do what is right by my mother because that is what I believe God wanted, but I am emotional detach. I have to be to take care of me and my BF and my fur babies. Do I love my mother...yes, but I make sure that I don't suffer from it any longer! And yes I am planning a future life! May God guide me to it.

This too shall pass!
Good luck in finding your way through the dark. And also good for you for sticking up for yourself:)

You are brave and strong!

Lots of hugs!!
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Why are you upset? You answered your own question. With great answers! I hope you get things figured out. I feel for you. It's just all so much.
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You are much braver than I am, I could never have my mother live with me. I would possibly be "looking good" in stripes..locked up for many years! I have a brother who walks on water.. he can do no wrong, no matter what. My retirement years have not been golden and I am starting to resent all this caretaking stuff.
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