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sbrownie50 - I understand completely. My mother was that exact same way. She stuck to me like glue, even followed me to the bathroom. Grrrr...

For your sanity, you need to find ways for her to be with other people. Perhaps, you can try senior center, or adult daycare. You can also hire a sitter for a couple of hours a day, a few days a week, to stay with her so you can get out. She will protest at first, my mom did, but she will get used to the sitter eventually. If you don't do this, she will suck the life out of you.

I now have 2 sitters that take turns taking my mom out. If one sitter is busy, I can ask the other to fill in.
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I feel your pain. My FIL lives with us and is always with us. I get myself out of the house as much as possible however I resent the time FIL takes away from hubby and I because he needs so much attention. Seriously thinking of leaving because I am good for a while and then resentments start to build all over again.
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sbrownie, as people age there comes a time when they do not like to be alone. I see from your profile that your Mom is in her 80's. That is about the time my own Mom didn't like being alone any time my Dad went to the hospital or was in rehab.

For myself, I use to be very independent, but now that I am in my 70's, I get very anxious being alone. There is always that nagging fear of falling. And all of the what ifs.... [sigh].

So step into your Mom's shoes for awhile to see life from her side. You'd be surprised how different it can feel. When you all moved to Florida, did Mom leave behind friends that she misses?
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MaggieMai Jun 10, 2019
I have to respectfully disagree with you. I think the mom needs to get involved in senior activities. It is completely unfair to be a burden to her daughter like that. It is all too encompassing at times.

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