He is 80 yrs old. Has not showed signs of dementia. His flirting and inappropriate comments to women and mainly young ladies has gotten out of hand. Is there a diagnoses for this? What can we do?

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I feel for you. I also feel like there has to be more background to this question. Why does it bother you? Do you have examples? Did he do this when he was younger and it was welcomed and now it is creepy? I find old people turn into a less guarded version of who they have always been. Content, happy, sweet, vulgar, angry, depressed, sexual, sexist, racist, etc. For instance, my Dad calls every woman he comes in contact with sweetie, feels he needs to flirt and tell them how easy to look at they are. He calls people colored people, etc. Tells stories about "Mexicans" stealing his stuff at the car wash to strangers (Nothing was stolen he just lost his glasses). It was his generation and the way they communicated. With how constantly offended our current society is, it just doesn't translate well and can be very embarrassing. There probably isn't anything you can do. Most people give a pass to a man in his 80s unless it is abusive. Then you have a real problem.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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