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  • Sex in the Time of Caregiving

    Women are often the primary caregivers for their aging parent(s) or spouse. These responsibilities can weigh heavily on a woman's emotional health and have physical effects as well. Coupled with menopause, intimacy can become especially challenging.

  • Dementia Poses Unique Intimacy Challenges for Spousal Caregivers

    Caring for a spouse with dementia forever changes the nature of your relationship. How do you cope when your husband’s personality has changed dramatically or your wife doesn’t remember you or the years you’ve enjoyed together?

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  • Seniors and Sex: Elder Care Facilities Attempt to Tackle Taboos

    A healthy sex life is important for all adults, and becomes even more essential as a person gets older, but sexually active seniors aren't often offered enough educational or emotional support from the elder care facilities where they live or society in general.

  • Elders and Sex: Is it Ok for Elderly in Nursing Homes to Have Sex?

    Is it OK for elderly people in nursing homes to have sex? What happens when your elderly mom or dad falls in love with another senior at the nursing home or assisted living facility? When there's promiscuity in the nursing home, where do staff step in?

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