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Jumpinjosh, I just read your profile, and your Mom is 90 years old and is living on her own, and could be having a start of memory issues. I can understand your concerns as you feel she is at a time where she will start to need care.

First thing, what are Mom's financials? Would she be able to budget for a caregiver to come into the home to help her with whatever she needs. Or is Mom lonely and would do better in an environment with other folks from her generation at Independent Living or Assisted Living.

Today's newer facilities are more like hotels, with restaurant style dining, etc. Again, it depends on what Mom can budget. It is less expensive being at a senior facility then having around the clock caregivers.

If budgeting would be difficult, then check with your State Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] to see what programs are available and if your Mom can be accepted into Medicaid. Programs vary from State to State.

Keep us up-to-date.
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Hi Jumpinjosh
You could start with a needs assessment. Call your area Agency on Aging and ask they come do an assessment. You can find out what service are available for your mom and where you might find them.
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We need a little more detail to provide a hopefully helpful answer. What sort of care? Self-pay or Medicaid? Facility or home care? Dementia or physical health issues?

If you can can provide more details, whatever you are comfortable with telling us, we can try to help.
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