How about getting help with a 34 year son that make a mom cry day and night eat up all the food tear up the house and put dents in her car and in and out the door 50 time or more when he get up if I leave the house he go I my room draw picture on my flour break up my coffee cups and say he did not do it. How and what to do?

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lelabostick, I'm so sorry for the chaos, stress and sorrow this is bringing you everyday. It is true that if he's lived with you for a while, your home is his residence and you will most likely have to evict him -- but can you tell us if your son is mentally handicapped? Or mentally ill? It sounds like you will eventually need to help him get into a group home, if that is available in your area, and he may not cooperate with that but you need to start the process of getting him out of your home and protecting yourself. Maybe contacting social services for your county and speak to a social worker and they can either help you or point you in the right direction. The county may be able to get guardianship over him and then they will deal with him fully. Otherwise I think your only other option is for you to seek guardianship over him and then you will be controlling his affairs, not the county. Find social services online at the Dept of Health and Human Services for your county. May you have peace in your heart and in your home, soon.
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call the police and kick him out, then get a restraining order in place
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worriedinCali Apr 29, 2020
Would be nice if thats how it works but it’s not. If he lives there, she has to evict him and guess what? The courts have been greatly impacted by the virus and evictions in most places are halted.
Well...a little more info and exactly what you are experiencing would help..... thanks..
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