My mom is 54 years old and has been 10 years already that my mom has been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease for the past two years she's been having delusions, but it's been two months that she been having them constantly almost everyday. She starts getting aggressive and always trying to hurt herself or others. She also knows how to manipulate people. We called 911, talked to social workers,doctors, psychiatrist, crest programs. Everyone's answer is sorry there's nothing we can do. We haven't figured out what's wrong with her nothing calms her down. We're exhausted, drain, all my family are going crazy and it's just basically ruined our families. We need help! Can someone please help!

Has she been checked for the basics like dehydration, UTIi?

You have a psychiatrist involved who says that nothing can be done about your mother's delusions? Have meds been suggested and she is refusing them?

If you have a mentally ill person living in your home and they are refusing treatment for that illness, then they need to live elsewhere.

Sometimes the only way you can get someone help is by refusing to enable them any longer.
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