Relative has mental issues & violent at time.  Relative is under Section 8, they made an inspection & had to remove him to have the place cleaned & disinfected, crew came in, in protected gear. Guardian now has to find another place for relative. He is a danger to himself & others. He is sometimes violent. Guardian’s hands are tied, he gets constant calls from property managers. What can guardian do?
Guardian has a family with small children & both him & his wife work.
thank you

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Just read ur post again. As a guardian, you can place a person into a LTC facility. Just apply for Medicaid if he has hardly any income. But, since this person has violent tendencies, it will be hard finding one to take him. They aren't equipped to handle Psychiatric residents.
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Iam assuming you are talking in the third 3rd person. Which can be confusing. So I will be using the word "you" to reply.

Is it actual guardianship where you went to court and a judge assigned u? Or are you talking about POA which is not a guardianship.

APS may be able to tell you where to go from here. Especially since he is a danger to himself and others.

In any other circumstance, I would have told the landlord to call the police if the person became violent or APS and tell them there was a vulnerable adult he needed to evict. If and when APS called you, I would have said I can't be involved because he is a danger to me and my family. Then the State would have had to step in and become his guardian.

If it is true guardianship you have, it will be hard to revolk it. I am not sure where your responsibility lies here. I would not take him into my home. As a guardian, you are not financially responsible for him. You may need to see a lawyer if APS can't help you. This person needs to be evaluated and maybe placed in a Psychic facility where he can be cared for. Medication minitored.
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DO NOT bring this toxic person into your home. Esp as you have small kids. They must be protected, first and foremost.

I would think that a call to APS to see what your options are wouldn't go amiss.
Having him assigned a ward of the court, no matter his age, might be your best option, but I do not know how onw goes about doing that.

I have a friend who had her father declared incompetent (alcoholism) and SHE was awarded custody of him. She also had 4 small kids. She gets his SS and cashes his checks, pays his rent and buys groceries and cleans his small gov't subsidized apt. She gives him a very small spending allowance. Calls him daily to check in.

She did tell me that it was horrible--having him lose his home and then having to clean out a Grade-A hoard...but he's sick, and several trips to detox have failed.

She is tired of being his 'guardian' and it's burning her out. I know she's been seeing an attorney who is helping her to find a way to turn himover to the state for 'oversight'. I don't talk much to her about this as it is supremely depressing.

I could ask her how she went about this, but I'm pretty sure she just used the attorney that she & hubby use for their business.
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Are you the guardian? And, from your last sentence are you considering bringing him to live with you? Is he under the care of a doctor you could speak with for meds adjustment?

You can go back to court and petition them to assign the state as his guardian. Or, when you get a call from a property manager (he lives alone?) tell them to call the
police and/or the city’s health department. Who is the “they” who had to come disinfect his apartment? Call them and inform them that it’s just as bad as it was. If he has a meltdown when you are present, do not interact with him. Call the authorities immediately.

For whatever reason, he is severely mentally ill. He needs more help and supervision than you should be asked to provide.
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