Mother lives 3 hours away. Brunt of caregiving lies with 2 siblings living closer, but Maine one who lives 1.5 hours away.. Mother won't leave home to stay with any of her 6 children, which would be preferable as she would be with extended family members and not be so isolated in her home alone with dog. Mother is a smoker, and staying in her home is uncomfortable for me, a non-smoker. Mother is also becoming forgetful, leaving stove on, forgetting to eat. She has a stubborn nature and doesn't want outside help coming into her home, won't stay with family members. How can I lovingly and respectfully get her to come and stay with me and/or other siblings so that family members can spend more time with her and ensure that she is well cared for in a safe environment?

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You asked if there were any caregiver support groups in your area. Best thing to do is contact your county agency on aging go to the website link below.... click on your State.... now click on the city/county.

It's not easy finding a support group because most of us find it hard to get some free time to drive somewhere to join a group. Joy, we here on the forum are the best support group you can find anywhere :)
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