My mom lives with us now, but is home alone much of the day. I recently got her a fitbit and a smart scale to help her (and me) to monitor her health: steps, heart rate, sleep, and hydration/weight.

The devices report to HER phone, of course, but not to mine. I need to find a way to see her numbers to get a base line.

Does anyone have ideas for how I can make this data collection a positive experience for my mom? She easily feels bullied and engages in passive resistance (being slow, 'forgetting', misplacing things, etc.) to most ongoing attempts to improve her health.

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How old is Mom? Are you doing this because a Dr. suggested it or for your peace of mind? You say there is some Dementia. This technology maybe overwhelming for her. When the short-term memory is going, a person with Dementia really cannot process and keep that information.

You say she has mobility issues because of arthritis. So how is she going to get her heart rate up sitting around the house. With her type of arthritis, I wouldn't want her to fall, she will break something. If she is resistant, I wouldn't force the issue. Remember your her child. Parents don't appreciate children telling them what to do.

The hydration part is good though. Elderly really don't drink enough and tend to dehydrate themselves. This will make them a little wonky too.
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