His attitude is terrible. He has a really big chip on his shoulder. It is because he cannot under stand or due what he what he use to be able to do. This has been 5 years. I try to get him to laugh off the short cummings and make light of it. That just makes him more angry.

Lately he keeps saying I want to go. He has walked out 2xs in the last month or so. The last time I went looking for him and offered him a ride and he got in and came home. We have been married 50 years. I don't know what to do. Can someone give me some advise please.

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What do you think he means by he 'wants to go'? Leave you? Go 'home' to an earlier life space? You need to understand what is going on in his brain. It probably means getting him to a doctor and then to a specialist.
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Does he have an illness? How old are you both?
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Have you taken him to the doctor's to get diagnosed?
I would suggest that as a first step and talk to his doctor about your concerns and see what he suggest.
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