They put my mom in with a roommate day before yesterday..immediately she was unhappy..the lady was much older and depressed. Today they called and my mom was crying, my mom is not a she can pitch a hell fit,but crying is not common at all. They are moving her back to a room by herself. I did not go down there because I think it would make it worse. Any suggestions ? Everyday is a new adventure. I have a prescription for xanax and really have not taken it much except now at least one everyday. They are only 1/2 mg so not too much. I know I cannot bring her home,but man when does it calm down or does it ? Do you just finally get numb to it all ?

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Actually, you do learn to handle the stress after a while.

However, let's talk about this issue. It sounds like your mother is in a nursing home and she has not adapted to it. From my own personal experience and from having spoken to other caregivers, one of the best things you can do is NOT TO VISIT FOR A WEEK.

This may sound horrible but in actuality you need for your mother to adapt to the surroundings. I know it was a struggle for my mother. Initially, she hated everyone there (by that I mean the staff) because they were telling her where to go, what to do, what time to get up, etc...

I had to fight this because I knew the place I picked was taking care of Mom and this was for her own good.

It took some time but she did adapt.
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