I need some time to myself. I cannot get a PCA to come to the house. Is this asking too much?


I asked Fidelis to send someone to the house to help bathe my husband and do some other chores for him so that I can go out for a few hours just to be away from him and maybe get a cup of tea and some adult company. Is this asking too much?

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You asked a similar question a few days ago. From what I read, this is an orgaization in the NY area that helps people with finding health insurance and helps with caregiving agencies but those under contract to them. We have the Office of Aging in my County, yes they have aides but only so many. This happens with Medicaid too. Caretakers have to be available for them to be sent out. Looks like to me this is a service not the actual insurance co. What they can do relies on the agencies they deal with. You may be expecting more from them than capable of doing? Really hard to give comments on an organization that seems like its just for NY state. We all here are from different states, Canada and UK. Hopefully their is a member from NY who has worked with this organization.

For members here is the site explaining this organization.

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Well. What Fidelis products have you purchased? If your cover includes "Care at Home (MLTC)", then according to their own website... "Fidelis Care at Home recognizes that the needs of members are varied; therefore, a wide range of services are available to suit individuals and their circumstances. Services include nursing, home health aides, therapy, medical supplies, adult day social care, and much more."

So if that is what your husband has been paying for, it should be worth arguing. What conversations have you had with them so far?
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What you are asking for falls under respite care. Check with Fidelis (whoever that is) to see if respite care is covered.
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I suggest you review what services they offer. I don’t know what Fidelis is, but many insurance providers do not provide the type of service you require. You can always private pay someone from an agency to help you or ask friends and family to help if available. Agencies such as Visiting Angels can do this private pay.
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