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Dear manilyn,

For me it was feelings of:

Lack of motivation
Over sleeping
Eating too many carbs
Feeling trapped
Feeling resentful
Being short with love ones
Feeling there is no joy

I hope you will find a better balance and get some respite if needed.
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...fear of my older years
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being anxious
can't sleep
eating too much or too little
being tired all the time
lack of focus
weak immune system
using bad habits to cope

????????????? Anyone got anything else????????????
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Losing interest in things that used to bring me joy: exercise, going to ball games, church activities, playing musical instruments, that extra bit of energy put toward career growth, .
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1. frustration
2. anger
3. sadness
4. negativity
5. fatigue
6. apathy
7. moodiness
8. irritability
9. desperation
10. hopelessness
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In addition to cdnreader's list, I also develop constant neck and shoulder pain because I am not able to relax and my muscles just tighten up.
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For me, the worst sign of all: I'll be relieved when Mom passes.
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lack of ability to cope, roll with punches, or do something new
feeling that the effort to arrange even a brief break or respite is too much to contemplate
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Considering the state of affairs -- the bad economy which the government continues to lie and say is improving, hyperinflation of healthcare access including Obamacare insurance which is draining our life savings quickly due to limited (or no) income due to caregiving, and impending doom of nuclear war...tell me if you really look at things how they really are--how can one *not* be depressed? I'm not changing the subject--it's just that everything is interconnected.
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Ceteud , 1: it’s Obamacare. that’s  not true.Its  the risk Corredor that Marco Rubio took out of the health care plan which drains it. Obamacare was set up as a big pool, that everyone was supposed to pay into, and the government subsidizes. When Marco took that out, prices went up. You might want to look it up. It’s in the budget bill , in 2014,2015, . Second you can get involved in your government, by running for office. Germany, France, Japan, Denmark’s, I could go on All have single payer health plans, Norway’s has the happiest people in the world, because they have free college, healthcare, a great minimum wage. So depression is taking over this country because we have a government that works for the corporations, not the people. We the people need to get involved, start by listening to free speech on TV, and listen to progressive radio. It’s free. It’s up to you to make the difference. I’m sick of people spewing facts they don’t know. Depression comes with a bad economy , you don’t give tax give always to the top 1% and the rest of us pay the bill. Everyone right now is in a deep sleep, people are depressed, we’ll we need to wake up, go live, and stop the whining . Get Active !
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