I am trying to find a kind care caregiver, but it seems their isn't any. Would be blessed to in a Christian. I seem to get ones that are angry, uncaring, and take things of mine without even asking. I am 70 yrs old and a widow.

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I have been through agencies. The ladies that come out really don't want to do a thing. Several have been rude and grumpy. The last one that was here just helped herself to what ever she wanted. etc food. However, the worst was that after she had left the last time she contacted me that she was going to come back over and take my vacuum because she need it to vacuum her stairs in her town house. She can't figure out why I haven't had her back. I am very giving however :(.
 I stopped going to churches here because people are involved with their own family and friends. Seems like every where I go people are hateful and uncaring. I could write a book for what is going on. i.e. 30 yr old female next door pounds on my wall every day/night. In fact she is doing it right now. Tap stop tap stop tap stop. Did I call the police you ask? Yes, their response? "move" (apt) Apt owner say? call the police. Well I am still counting my blessings. I have Daisy who is my precious and sweet little service dog schnoodle. But the neighbor causes Daisy sometimes to shake horribly. So I just hold her and comforter with all my heart while I try to stay strong and pray. Thank you for responding and letting me share with you.
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missylove, as Ahmijoy had mentioned in her posting, call your local caregiving Agencies. Such an agency is licensed, insured, and bonded. All their employees have been vetted. That is who I called when my Dad [95] needed to have help [major fall risk], and to help him around the house. In my area, the cost is $30/hour. So Dad was paying $20k per month for 3-shifts. Major sticker shock.

Now, please note, the Agency cannot discriminate when it comes to religion. My Dad had 3 shifts of caregivers, from all ethic and religious backgrounds. Everyone was wonderful.

You mentioned in your profile that you are 70 years old. What are your health issues? If you are mainly tired of being alone, it may serve you better to find some seniors groups to join. If you drive, local community colleges usually offer free classes to seniors if there is room in a class. Find a class on something you always wanted to find out more information.
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Go through an agency. This way, if their employers are stealing from you, you can report them and they will be fired. If you attend church, ask your religious leader if anyone at the church might be interested. You can also contact your local Area Agency on Aging and ask for their help finding someone.
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